What does it mean to be a "ScreenSmart School"?

All ScreenSmartSchools understand technology should empower their students, not hinder them.

Being ScreenSmart certified, shows that your school is actively teaching "healthy screen habits", which improves grades & overall wellbeing.

Here's what you'll get:

- Training for your staff
- Posters for their school
- ScreenSmart Plug-In Curriculum
- SCreenSmart resources and learning material
- ScreenSmart Software
- Sing-a-long

$1150/yr for schools under 600 students
$1850/yr for schools over 600 students

ScreenSmartSchool Applications are currently full. Join the waiting list:

NOTE: Given the number of schools applying, we often have a waiting list. It's advised to join the list ASAP to secure your position in the queue.